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These links take you to various articles relating to using press cameras

Links of Interest to Press Camera Users


Graflex.Org -- The Definitive site for information on Graflex Cameras

Large Format Cameras -- Lots of info on big cameras

Medium Format Press Cameras -- Stuff about 6x9 cameras

Speed Graphic Review -- An interesting article

Mamiya Universal -- Just photos of the cameras

Jo Lommen collecting, using and restoring classic press cameras -- Good site

Interesting Column from the Washington Post --Compairing the weight of a Speed Graphic Kit to a Canon Digital Kit

PHOTOS: -- The old cameras in action

Ray Atkeson -- These photos will blow the minds of the motor-drive crowd

William Gottlieb -- The Golden Age of Jazz

Herman Leonard -- Jazz Classics

Bruce Wells -- Bruce is a photographer in England who uses Press Cameras in his current work